Let it be known: Ye who are dorky must cometh together for the sake of coupedom. The word of the Dork.

Thanks to Kris Gregoire for the updated logo for 2008! Added to the site and the store. If you are interested in professional graphic design services, please visit Kris at http://afinecollection.com


Dorkfest 2008 is coming July 13th! Mark you calendars and prepare for the best (and possibly last) Dorkfest in the history of Dorkfesterness


Posting for a Bay Area couper:

    2000 M Coupe     26k miles    
    Titanium Silver with black leather
    Sun roof, alarm, premium sound, wired for Valentine radar/laser             detector
, new tires, power steering pump and fuel pump   
    Perfectly stock and in excellent condition


Updated the logo on all the merchandise and on the website. Thanks to Kris for the update!


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I scanned and added all the articles printed since 2004...check em out!


Fixed the logo on the site and on all the merchandise. Doh!


Tons of stuff in the all new dorkfest store. Thanks to Kris Gregoire for the help with the logo! Now you can prove you're a dork :O)

Disclaimer: I will earn ~\$2 per item which will go to the dorkfest fund (I'm still digging out of a hole!)


Hey all...thanks for checking out my new site. I'll use the blog page whenever there is an update for Dorkfest so you can keep track of progress with an RSS reader if you like as opposed to randomly checking in. Web 2.0 FTW!


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